Starting the year off right

The best part of New Year's Day is always sleeping in, lazing about and hanging out with the family.
jan 1 2011

We always have everyone over to my parents house for Chinese food.
hat: H&M
necklace: local craft fair
dress and cardi: Ricki's super 50% off sale
tights: ?
boots: Spring

We played a lot of Just Dance as well!


Allison said…
Sounds like a fun New Year's day! We always did chinese food on NYD when I was younger. You rock some awesome looks from Ricki's - I need to check them out!
Kinsey said…
You look beautiful! I love that vibrant color on you, it really looks great :0)
Bella said…
Red is so your color. Love the dress and the tights!
DaniellaBella said…
Thanks guys! I got the dress for $15! Love cheapy things! But sadly the tights met their demise with too much vigorous dancing! I always go for Ricki's because they always have something that will fit me, in any stage of body fluctuation. Plus, if you can wait it out, they have great sales!
Ashley said…
Great outfit! My favorite part is the combat boots (and that little streak of pink in your hair!). Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm your newest follower...I love that you're another "northern" blogger...I'm from Minnesota, so we aren't that far away!
Katie said…
So jealous that there's no Ricki's where I am. J'adore this dress! And your dance moves.
Matt said…
I LOVE that dress!! The tights rock too! Super cute outfit!! Sounds like a fun day! :)

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