Friday, January 7, 2011

Just rest your eyes

Whoa today I was tired... I got home from work and crawled immediately into bed at 5:15pm.
jan 6 2011

Then the Gentleman came over and we had a bookstore browsing adventure. Mostly we were just proud not to have bought anything to save money for future travels! Well done team!
Cardi & blue top: Ricki's
Jeans: Joe Fresh for $19!! Whaaat?
belt: bow tie from childhood dance costume and ribbon from a dress
shoes: Dune via ebay
glasses: Prada
earrings: Santa Clause... but really Dutch Growers (which is actually a greenhouse but has amazing other things!)

note to self: brush hair before photos to remove touque-hair... 

And you know what else: FRIDAY!!! After having a week off for Christmas it was rough to work 5 whole days in a row! Luckily I have Monday off... zzzzzz



archives said...

i freaking LOVE that you reclaimed that sparkly bow tie to make a FANTASTIC belt!!! wow!!!!

Vanessa said...

Ha! I love that reuse of your belt/kid bowtie! The belt was the first thing that caught my eye in these photos, and I scrolled down feverishly to find out where such a magnificent creature could be captured for my own entertainment... and I was both saddened to discover it was unavailable and amazed at your genius ingenuity at repurposing!

Bella said...

I'm with the other ladies, amazing and creative talent put to excellent use on the bow tie belt! Kudos for you! The jeans are definitely a steal and the make you look so svelte!

DaniellaBella said...

Thanks ladies! I actually made it for Halloween... But it was just too pretty to take apart!

Melissa said...

Oh, climbing into bed that early sounds heavenly...

Matt said...

Oh my gosh, I adore this outfit!! Its really fabulous!! I'm going to bookmark it for inspiration!! I love the cut on the jeans and the shoes are fabulous! The blue is too perfect! Yay for bookstore adventures too! :)