Just say when

Today was spent running out to put money in the meter of my car... Ok, let's be honest. I mostly tried to convince the smokers that they wanted to pop the change in while they were outside anyway. It worked 8/20ths of the time.
jan 13 2011

I went for a massage this afternoon to combat the bad neck. Oh my word are they nice... That might be what I have to start spending my money on. See you later shoe fund.
And speaking of shoes: take a shufty at these babies! So high! I basically built the entire outfit around the shoes. The studs feel very rock star so that's what I went with. But to keep the class I wore my grandma Pearl's pearls.
pearls: My grandma
earrings: Santa's workshop
blazer: Ricki's
NY t-shirt: Silly little vendor in NYC
skinny black jeans: Gap
Rockin' shoes: Aldo
pink hair: Manic Panic and a bit of a mess

One of my New Year's... things was to be more aware and be grateful. I know that Sydney is already doing this but I'm going to start putting them at the bottom of my posts. I've been writing them in m day planner but this is probably a better reminder.

Today I'm thankful for smoked salmon. I mean, it's nearly sushi because it's still smooshy and it reminds me of eating Marks & Spencer sandwiches in the UK while wandering aimlessly.


Bella said…
You look so cool in this outfit! You are brave! If I tried to teeter totter in those babies, I'd be on my face the minute I took one step!
Allison said…
Very cool shoes. I like the whole look. I too am grateful for smoked salmon. And cream cheese. Mmmm cream cheese.
Amara said…
Your pink hair is so inspiring!! I really want to do turquoise. Maybe a project for the weekend? Hmmmmmm.... keep warm!
Kirstin Marie said…
You look awesome, girl!! I LOVE those shoes. LOVE them. Thanks for your compliment!! It made me smile :)

Kirstin Marie
Matt said…
Yay for a massage... but I dunno that I could give up my shoe fund for massages. And oh my gosh... those shoes seriously ROCK!!! I adore them! I love your outfit, and the pearls are a totally awesome touch too!!

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