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I'm so happy to have today off... The weekend was lovely but much too short. Nothing much to report. Just relaxing and cozying up, while eating Indian food and cooking amazing Gluten-Free Lemon Cake!
jan 10 2011

I was able to go meet my  friend's new baby!
In other news I am a little worried because I had to park my new car in exactly the same spot as my old car was stolen from... I hope it's still there!
cardi: Ricki's 
dress: H&M (the lace detail is easier to see below)
leggings: Joe Fresh
boots: Ayla
earrings & utility belt: from a vendor at Folk Fest
scarf: Market stall in Portobello Road in London

Last night at ringette I very ungracefully fell and whacked my head really hard on the ice. Luckily I was wearing a sturdy helmet but today I have the worst headache and my neck and shoulder are not feeling very pleasant. I think the rest of the afternoon will be spent in bed until it is time to go to ZUMBA class!!

Also did anyone else watch Bed Knobs and Broomsticks as a child? I loved that movie and the Portobello Road song so much that one of my very first stops when I moved to England was to walk up and down Portobello Road!


Allison said…
Ouch. I hope your head feels better!
I also hope your car is where you left it.
Great outfit! Love that belt!!
Melissa said…
I LOVE your mix of black and brown in this outfit! Love it!

I'm so sorry that you hit your head! That sounds awful and I hope you start feeling better soon!
Bella said…
Like Melissa, I too am loving the combination of brown and black! The lace detail on the dress is gorgeous and that belt? I want it! Hope you're feeling a bit more recovered and zumba? Really? I live vicariously through you!
Louise said…
I LOVE BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS! Sorry to shout, but it's such a good movie. Your dress is so pretty!
DaniellaBella said…
I know right? Oh Angela Lansbury, if only I could be magical and make rows upon rows of suits of armour march on my command!
Thanks for the well wishes guys... I feel rough and currently have an icepack wrapped uncomfortably around my neck...
Kirstin Marie said…
OMG Bedknobs and Broomsticks was (and still is) one of my favorite movies!! My fiance and I are always singing "Portabello Road". It's such a catchy song. You look fantastic.

Kirstin Marie

P.S. I am following you! :)
Matt said…
Very cool scarf! I love the story that goes along with it too! Super cute outfit too!! Fabulous boots as well! I hope your head, neck, and shoulder feel better soon! :)

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