You can do anything but lay off my blue suede shoes

I've been feeling like a frumpy, schlumpy, grumpy bump lately. Maybe because winter is always hard. or it's often grey and cold. Or because I'm too tired to put contacts in and make a makeup effort. Mostly it's probably because I haven't been working out because I feel like crud, and I feel like crud because I haven't been doing anything except falling asleep at any moment other than nighttime.
jan 26 2011

Tonight I'm going to play hockey (eek!). I play ringette and I can skate but stick-handling? Bit scary really. But my friend has assured me that it is just a women's beer league for fun...
dress: Joe Fresh
cami: Smart Set
necklace: ?
pin: Portobello Road Market
tights: We Love Colours
shoes: Carvela, gift
glasses: Prada

I love these shoes but I don't wear them too often. They're pretty high and blue is hard to match with. My English friend Sarah bought us matching pairs as a going away gift when I left England. I have good friends!

Today I am thankful for busy days. You know the days where everything is going on but you've got it covered? It's days like these when I feel really competent. And man that is a good feeling!


Melissa said…
Days like those are the best, when you feel so incredibly productive!

You look super great in this outfit. I love all the colors and hopefully they're brightening your mood, too. It's so easy to feel that way when it's gray and gloomy outside.

Hope you have a great time at hockey!
Cara said…
I'm certain we evolved from bears and not monkeys. At least that's how I defend my desire to hibernate all winter!

With all the Joe Fresh you've been wearing, I'm itching to get to Superstore!! Hmm... maybe there's time before Trivia?!
Allison said…
Pssst... we're neighbors in Kimberly's February outift inspiration calendar! High five!
Awesome look today, I like all the blues and greys and pinks.
Futurelint said…
THIS is why I love blogs! I never would have thought to pair bright tights with a more subdued dress of the same color, and it looks fantastic! Good luck with hockey, I would be so intimidated!
Vanessa said…
I love the shades of blue in this outfit! That dress is stunning and perfect on you!
Matt said…
I LOVE this outfit! And those shoes are fabulous!! Super cute!! Hah, I always really like the way your glasses look! I've never played hockey... very cool though! I hope it was fun! :)

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