Le Brrrr

Today there were only 2 factors taken into account in deciding what to wear:
1. Comfort due to very sore neck and laziness
2. Warmth as it was -39 degrees C today with the windchill (when it gets this cold apparently C and F even out... it's about -38.2F. Either way it's bloody cold)
jan 12 2011

I had on this beautiful broach until it's old clasp gave up around lunch time. I lost a few rhinestones in the drop. Consequently, I had to hold my scarf together with a paper clip to avoid boobala peepage in a low shirt. Oh to be resourceful whilst working in an office!
hat: H&M
sweater: Smart Set
scarf: from the University Book Store
skirt & leggings: joe Fresh
boots: Spring
broach: Portobello Road market
replacement paperclip: c/o work (shhhhh!)

I'm cuddled up at home tonight making potato and cauliflower soup. It smells fantastico! And trotting about in my new platform heels. Naturally. You know... as you do!


Melissa said…
Potato and cauliflower soup? Sounds yummy!

You look adorable!
Allison said…
Oooh... I love this! The blue and grey with the colourful scarf is just lovely! I applaud your resourcefulness in the face of sneaky cleavage! I hope your neck feels better soon - sore necks SUCK.
Joy said…
I read your soup recipe and I'm drooling!!

You look great in that blue!!! And I can't convert C to F but that number just looks COLD!! Brrrr....
Alessandra said…
Thanks for your sweet comment. Love this warm outfit. I'll take pretty and cozy any day!!!
I love when a scarf is a statement piece! You look so warm and cozy and cute!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I would love to be picking wildflowers and reading Little Women in that dress :)
Bella said…
I just love, love this outfit! I love the bright blue and the special detail that is the scarf and those boots---I want them like right now! If this is your "lazy, sore neck" outfit, then I want a sore neck and lazy day too just so I can wear something this cute!
Matt said…
Your outfit looks fabulous! I admire your courage to go outside! Haha, I love trotting around the house in my platform heels too!! ;)

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