We can sparkle in the sunlight

Weekends go by much too fast.
jan 15 2011

I went for lunch with my ladyfriends and it was just a delight! I'm trying to get as much wear out of this sparkle dress as possible so today it was a top!
cardi, dress, skirt: Ricki's
tights: ?, they were awful 
shoes: Indigo by Clarks

Man, I just HATE when tights slip down! Biggest pet peeve ever. These tights went in the garbage as soon as these pictures were taken! Gah!

Today I am thankful for gluten free options at restaurants. GF pizza? Ok!


Allison said…
I'm with you - I hate it when tights slip down. Nothing worse than the crotch hanging down to the knees. But in other news, this looks great! I love that you're rocking the sparkle! And you have the best poses!!
christie said…
your outfit looks great! i love sparkly things :) And I totally agree with you about tights slipping down - I usually wear underwear over the top (yes so I wear two pairs) so they wont fall down. dumb i know but it works ;)

Well you look delightful in it so you definitely should get as much wear out of it as you can! I love sparkles, just seem to light up a day!
Must. Have. Shiny. Shirt. And possibly pink hair. I will now go and work on both.
DaniellaBella said…
Oh internet ladies... you are a delight.
Christie... I've heard the underoo trick from some of the older ladies at work. But seeing as a young, stylish lady like yourself does it too...
I'm just worried that the pure gravity of the wayward tights might drag down the underwear too! And then where will I be?
Answer: Embarrassed.
Matt said…
(I'm going back to catch up with blogs... and this is the first post of yours I missed... I am starting here and reading forward... I hope that's okay! :) )

I LOVE this outfit!! Your style is always awesome though! And sounds like a fun meet up too!! Ugh, I hate it when tights fall down too! I have trouble finding my size too unless I order online, anyway... great outfit! :)

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