We can sparkle by moonlight too!

In an attempt to do something different with the sparkle dress for evening, this is what I came up with:
jan 15 2011 night

I did my sister's hair and makeup for a Mad Men party. Then the Gentleman Caller and I went for dinner at a local delicious restaurant.
I actually wore the boots because walking 4 blocks in sub-Arctic conditions in the shoes would have been a treacherous and potenially limb-losing endeavour.
top: Smart Set
disco dress: Ricki's
leggings: Joe Fresh
tippy toe shoes: Aldo

dancing to The Shoop Shoop Song (In His Kiss) by Cher

Today I am thankful for living downtown. I can walk to work and to my favourite restaurants. I'm close to the park in the summer. It's a very good fit!


Please be my new best friend. That is all.
Allison said…
You are awesome. Rock on. That is all.
Melissa said…
You look super hot in this! I love it!
Matt said…
Super cute!! I'm amazed at the weather you guys deal with too! I would just hide inside and hibernate until spring or something. And a Mad Men party sounds like a lot of fun actually. Neat. :)

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