I keep my feet on solid ground

Last night it was cold and tired and everything just seemed so grey. I tend to make abrupt choices sometimes to give me hope to get through hard things.
jan 20 2011

So, uh, I booked a trip to England.
cardi & dress: Ricki's
tights: We Love Colours
boots: Ayla
earrings: gift from Italy
lace necklace: an etsy shop that I can't remember

Can you even believe that it's already nearly the end of January? Only 6 more months of winter! Kidding...  Kinda.

Today I'm thankful for TRIVIA NIGHT! I love my team, everyone has their knowledge niche. And the University bar has the BEST sweet potato fries. Which makes Danielley a happy girl indeed!

title from: Many Moons by Janelle MonĂ¡e
PS have you seen this woman dance? Can you imagine what a prodigy a child between her and Andre 3000 would be! For evidence of dancing and general awesome-itude:

and since it won't let me embed it, look up Tightrope
Really, it's for your own good.


Kinsey said…
I am loving all of that color! The red tights are really great!
Eh, I guess England is one way to get through hard things. Actually, it's the perfect way! Scones, guards in tall, fuzzy hats, Prince William (he's not married yet...), Clive Owens, dry British humor, the BBC, and THE MUSEUMS!!!!! Take me with you? I'm tall, but quite bendy and could easily fit into a suitcase.

And did you perhaps get your necklace from here? http://www.etsy.com/shop/treeandkimball
Melissa said…
You booked a trip to England on a whim? Holy cow, woman. You are much more brave than I am! :)
DaniellaBella said…
It's not as brave as you think. I lived there for a while so I know my way around and I have some friends there... I hope it will be the break I'm hoping for!
Katie: that may be the store. It was over a year ago. And sure! Pop your bendy self in my backpack!
Allison said…
Trip to London!? Awesome! That sounds fun! I'm going to Vegas in March, but it's for work, which probably sounds fun... but that's debatable. Anywho! I really like that red dress!
Vanessa said…
I love the bold color combo here of the pinkish dress and the orange-y tights! I do the same thing when I'm winter dressing and need to pull myself out of doom and gloom - I definitely go bright and go bold! (And, I always get comments, maybe compliments? I chose to believe they're compliments!! haha!)
Cara said…
I really wish I could be planning a trip to somewhere to distract me from the horrors of winter! I'm quite jealous of you! And the fact that you're daring enough to wear skirts in this weather! I'm all about maximum leg coverage!!
Bella said…
I'm loving this pop of color under the dark cardi. And you're right, this video is totally worth watching! Thanks for sharing!

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