Countdown to Cuddles

Today it was literally 15 degrees inside at work. Everyone was huddled over their desk, bulky winter coats wrapped firmly around them. I drank so much tea it hurt. I also managed to wear all the scarves that I had at work, which, of course, was 3. One as a skirt for an extra layer. I feel I may have looked like a hobo.
jan 14 2011

Last night at Trivia (which Cara goes to as well. How cool is that?) our team didn't do amazingly. We won 2 pitchers of beer for winning 2 rounds of the 6. Unfortunately, of the 5 people on the team, one doesn't drink beer, I don't because of the gluten thing, and one gets massive headaches from this type. We gave the beer away. Our new team motto is "not only are we intelligent but we're also magnanimous".
Dress: Joe Fresh
sash: from Gap dress
argyle tights: Santa?
shoes: Fly London that I got in London for a song!
scarf/wrap: Farmer's market
necklace: one of those shops that sells things that are made far away by women trying to build a school or similar

So since I'm sort of new to blogging for anyone but myself I was surprised, honoured and really excited to be given the Stylish Blogger Award by Kirstin Marie! Whoa right? She always looks so lovely and well presented. I can make up stories about her outfits so that is always my favourite type of dresser.
So apparently I'm meant to tell anyone who cares to read this much 7 things about me. Oh dear, let me think...

1) I work for a non-profit where we help Newcomers (immigrants & refugees) settle into their new life in Canada. I have met some of the most amazing people here, both clients and coworkers alike. Never have I felt so much that what I can offer is appreciated and what I can learn is so much.
2) When I was a little girl I was on the local "Crime Stoppers"! I did this re-enactment of a crime and got the morning off school. I don't know what was more thrilling: seeing myself on TV or riding in a police car!
3) I'm pretty fast at typing... I credit this to my dad insisting we play Mario Type as children as well as various transcribing jobs. I worked at the University listening to interviews and focus groups and typing out every word spoken. This experience allowed me to get a job transcribing Canadian TV shows (like Crime Stories and The Re-Inventors) for a production company. The pay wasn't amazing but I mostly did it so that I would have something to do other than watch reruns of CSI and Dr. Phil. Because, dude, that can be depressing.
4) Once, in London, I lived for 3 months in a small house with 8 smelly boys and 1 other girl. I didn't know any of them. There was a tower of beer cans in the living room and the shower was a tiny cubicle in the kitchen. The bathroom had a huge glass window on the door that was covered with a Guinness poster for privacy. There was rarely any toilet paper. I was shy and afraid so I mostly stayed in my room. I didn't have a job and the UK is expensive! I sustained myself by taking long walks, going to free museums, and eating nothing but hummus for days. I didn't want to interact with anyone so instead of the fridge I just hung a bag out my window... It was sad.
5) I was raised on a steady diet of Disney. That meant that I didn't see a lot of movies that many other people my age have seen. When I was travelling I would ask everyone I met about their most important or favourite childhood/adolescent movie. I've made a list that I'm very slowly working through. In the last year I've seen Ghostbusters and Goonies, but I have yet to see ET or Labyrinth.
6) I love to travel. In the winter months it's all I can think about. I want to spend my days riding on trains, talking to people from other countries and learning about their lives. I have been to around 20 countries. I especially love trying all the stereotypical and traditional food! I can't wait until my next adventure!
7) I like to make things. I'm by no means an artist and crafty seems too momsy. So I like to say that I'm a fabricator. At the moment I've working on some things for an etsy shop, which I will set up eventually. Unfortunately since I live in the world's smallest apartment all my materials are shoved under a table for storage. It's so much harder to make things when I have to put aside my laziness and desire for sleep to crawl under a table to find anything. Note to self: Do better.

And now I'm meant to pick other bloggers to give the award to, but most of them have been on others lists lately so:
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Today I'm thankful for space heaters. And coworkers that lend you theirs. Seriously. Right now there is hot air blowing up my scarf/skirt and it is simply delightful!


Cara said…
I love the poses today!

I too saw Ghostbusters for the first time this last year, and ET the year before. I think I saw Labyrinth about 5 years ago, but I still haven't seen the Goonies! So many people yell at me for not having done so, yet, but no one ever thinks it's good enough to watch with me!

Thanks for tagging me! Our team is going through some growing? shrinking? pains so we snuck out part way through. Hopefully next week is better for both of our teams!
geetabix said…
Ooh, nice outfit! I need a scarf/wrap like that ... in Edmonton we are also huddled around teacups trying not to get frostbite.
Matt said…
Those tights are super cute!! Fantastic outfit! Sorry to hear it was so cold! And more like hobo chic!! And that's so awesome that you and Cara are in the same city! I think it would be so awesome to meet another blogger! And congrats on the award. What an awesome and amazing list of things! That's a bummer about the 3 months in the house. I was opposite about movies, I watched a bunch of anything-but-Disney movies. Labryinth is pretty cool though! (And if you enjoy that, you should totally watch the Dark Crystal too! I LOVE traveling though!! And being crafty rocks!! Hehe, okay the bit about the space heater is too funny! :)
Elissa said…
First of all, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! I love yours. What a fabulous outfit you have on! Sorry it was so cold - I can only stand so many freezing days before I break out my skirts and tights - otherwise I'm perfectly content to live in jeans and pants. But that gets monotonous after awhile. Congrats on the Stylish Blogger Award!
Vanessa said…
I like that sash/scarf/shawl piece! It's so unusual and that green color is fabulous!
Thanks for the award! It's so nice of you!
Kirstin Marie said…
You look fabulous, girl!! I love those tights on you, this whole outfit is really cute. Great colors. I have argyle tights too!! You totally deserved the award, and you are too sweet for giving me such wonderful compliments!! Did you try a different store for the Dany's since Jessica Simpson Collection won't ship to you (which is stinky)?

Oh! I added you to my blogroll :)

I was also raised on a Disney diet, and have yet to see E.T. My boyfriend has a small E.T. doll he's had since he was little, but it creeps me out because I think it looks like a willy.

My grandma was a Newcomer to Canada, but I don't think she needed any help since she was British and so was Canada back then.

And I know I've said it before, but I adore your hair. ADORE.
DaniellaBella said…
Ha! oh Katie... Willy ET... heee

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