Friday, January 28, 2011

Step over it

Tonight is my sister's birthday supper. Her birthday was in August but, you know, we've been busy!
Hockey last night was pretty fun. Because no one really knows how to pass or anything it was a lot of skating and chasing. Which showed me that am woefully unfit. But it was really fun and the girls are nice. With more practise I'll know what to do with the puck. Probably.

jan 27 2011

As I was turning on the lights in my kitchen to take these photos something glinted and caught my eye. My scissors... I had an urge. In a fit of spontaneity I cut my bangs. Yup 30 seconds before these photos were taken my little hairs were stuck to my sink... Looking at the pictures, I may have to even them out.

blazer & shirt: Ricki's
necklace: Paraphernalia
skirt: Gap
leggings: H&M
shoes: Camper Twins

Today I am thankful for the Camper brand of shoe. The are like pillows for your feet! I got my first pair at Gravity Pope in Calgary and fell in love. When I was waitressing they saved my life. And the best thing is that they have a whole line of 'twins': pairs that are similar but not the same! Cool!

The Camper website is actually worth having a look at. There a cool music video with floor pianos and guitars!

And then guess what happened?? I'm on Kimberly's February Outfit Inspiration Calendar! How exciting is that? I'm looking forward to checking out the other ladies blogs!



Kirstin Marie said...

I love this outfit! Everything about it is so fun & girlie!! Congratulations on being in the calendar!!

Kirstin Marie

Carol said...

I really like the bang, Daniella! Which reminds me, I need to get my own cut. And I love the polaroids hanging on the wall and clipped over the window behind you. So cute!

Cara said...

Was this what you were wearing last night? If so, I wish I would have got a look at the shoes in person, they are fabulous! It took me a minute to notice they were different in the pics!

Kimberly said...

How very Helena Bonham Carte of you with the shoes - super cute!

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

Ah, those shoes are too cute! The mixmatched look is amazing!

Bella said...

This is by far one of the cutest, flirtiest and fun looks I've seen on you! Super, super cute! Just like those shoes! I have never heard of the twin shoe concept by Camper but by God I wish I could still pull them off! But alas, that ship has sailed. I'll have to settle by seeing how cute they look on you!

Meredith said...

love love love:) for reals!

Marisa Noelle said...

Oh wow, absolutely coolest pair of shoes ever!! I love the whole twin idea. I want a pair so bad. Adorable blog. Thanks so much for visiting mine. Following you now darling:) xx Marisa