Saturday, January 29, 2011

I used to write letters, I used to sign my name

Oh Friday where have you been all my life?

I wanted to wear different shades of the same colour range, just to see if it would work or if I would look like a hobo.
jan 28 2011

My friends and I had a really interesting conversation that, among other things, touched on what is looking sexy? A lot of times people seem to think that showing a lot of skin or wearing something form fitting is sexy. And, I guess, sometimes it is. But just because some clothing fits in the parameters of being sexy doesn't necessarily mean that it is. Having your belly out just because it's tanned doesn't automatically make you sexy. Dressing apporpriately for you shape and above all having confidence and genuinely liking yourself and the world is what makes a woman sexy. As for men? Ahhh have a shower and put on a suit with a kind and saucy smile and you're good! Kidding. There's more to it than that... sort of.
shirt: Smart Set
vest & skirt: Ricki's 
tights: maybe Walmart?
shoes: Dune via ebay

The Gentleman Caller picked todays pictures. Beware.

Today I'm thankful for flower shops. I went to pick up some flowers that were part of a gift certificate fundraising thing for a family who is going back to Vietnam to help people there. I bought one to give to my friend who is turning 31 on Jan 31st (Champagne Birthday!). It was 24 roses, 24 beautiful long stem roses! They didn't hold back even though it was a deal. They are beautiful! And the shop was so pretty and smelled amazing. And the best part? They had 3 puppies that were running around that I got to cuddle while I waited! 

Title from We Used to Wait by Arcade Fire (I saw them once in Montreal opening for U2... the whole experience was magical!)



Allison said...

I think the bangs are a winner. I also think the colours work very well together. I've been seeing lots of great bangs on the internet lately... I'm tempted to cut some of my own!

Cara said...

I love how our Friday looks are so similar!

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Arcade Fire AND U2?!? Be still my heart! Also, reading your blog is becoming increasingly hard, missy. I have such Ricki's envy! But, most of the envy is on how absolutely stunning you look in the clothing, not just the clothing itself.

Melissa said...

I LOVE this with all the shades of purple. You look fantastic!

I tend to believe the suit and smile are perfect for a guy. And yes, confidence is a big thing for women. Showing a lot of skin is NOT sexy in my opinion.

geetabix said...

LOVE this outfit and all the purple!

Jan said...

Loving the bright tights and yay for the Arcade Fire reference! I saw them in a small venue in Dublin years ago and they're just brilliant live :)

Matt said...

I love your outfit! (And the previous one, and the new bangs!!) You always look like you're having so much fun, and I love the way you put color in your outfit! And I sometimes think about what it means to be "sexy" too... I'm not sure it's something I can talk about in a way that I think would be useful. Hrm... I wish I could figure out what to say about it and write about it in a future post. :)