Sleep walking

I've done it again. Meant to climb into bed only to warm up and read blogs...
jan 18 2011

And then an hour has gone by and I'm snoring away.

Have you read Elissa's post on pink? Amazing! Those scientific and mental reasons are the whole reason I dyed my hairs. Totally. Maybe I never get strange looks or silent recrimination even though I work in an office because pink just makes people chilled out.

polka dot tunic: H&M
bow belt: H&M
pleated skirt: Jacob, eons ago
pink tights: We Love Colours
lace up mary janes: Spring? Transit? I think it's the same company that just changed it's name and upped the prices?
scarf watch: Christmas present
dopey expression and cry-eyes: c/o Katie's sadly beautiful tunes that I watched right before. Awesome.

Today I am grateful for time to myself. Introverts need to recharge and when it's cold outside I just want to hibernate even more and not talk to anyone. Luckily, everyone I love understands this and is not offended. How wonderful it is to be understood and supported.

PS does anyone else follow Andrew WK on Twitter? I'm not a fan, I just like how intense he is about partying! Most of the time I have no idea what he is talking about!
 Here are a few gems: PARTY TIP: Walk like a machine gun. PARTY TIP: Nail a banana to a wall. 
And a few nicer ones: PARTY TIP: You're fantastic. And you can trust my judgement on that. PARTY TIP: Give hug. When it's time to party we will eat more nachos.

That's it. I'm making nachos! 

Today Katie wore a version of this with panache, charisma, and, dare I say, verve!


Melissa said…
I love your pink! And your polka dots and your shoes and the skirt...
Louise said…
Adorable! Love how the pink matches your hair. I don't know who that guy is, but I should follow him on Twitter.
Sorry for encouraging a dopey expression, and thanks for the kudos of verve! There's a goal for me: more verve in my life.

How do you like We Love Colors tights? It looks like we have similar-ish figures, and I've been hesitant to try them because I've yet to find a pair of tights that doesn't bisect me like a worm.
geetabix said…
A.W.K.'s twitter is hilarious. Hurray for pink!
Bella said…
I love those pink tights and those shoes are freakin' amazin'! Lady, you just crank out one good outfit after another!
Allison said…
I'm totally with you on the introvert recharing of batteries. I did some of that this morning! Your curtsey is awesome. I like the polkadot/pink tights combo!
Futurelint said…
OMG this is awesome! I love that your hair matches your tights! I met Andrew WK once and he was the nicest and funniest person ever!
mode. said…
amazing! love the pink. and nachos are so good it should be criminal.
<3 mode.
Kirstin Marie said…
Really cute! I love the pink tights and your belt!!! I am dying to find a good bow belt...the closest H&M to me is maybe 2 hours north...I just may have to take the trip!! Andrew WK is hilarious :)

Kirstin Marie
Matt said…
This post is too much awesome. I'm so sorry I'm so late to the comments! But I just had to say something. The outfit is perfect! (And I'm totally jealous of those shoes!) :)

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