Thursday, January 20, 2011

There are days when the cage doesn't seem to open very wide at all

Today I'm wearing my old glasses. They're a prescription behind but not too different. I spent the whole day praying that I wouldn't fall over and rip my tights... Mission accomplished! I can walk upright!
jan 19 2011

Tonight I just feel like making mac and cheese and reading. So that's what I'll do!
brown dress: Joe Fresh
belt: off the packaging of Anthropologie measuring cups
tights: Celeste Stein
boots: Ayla
blue sparkle glasses: Oxydo

Today I'm thankful for people who can take an off handed comment and turn into an exciting idea that I can't shake.

And I'm also super thankful for the people who read this little ole blog! You blow me away with your kindness and make me happy to connect with people in far off places.

title from "Bleeding All Over You" by Martha Wainwright


Melissa said...

Those tights are SO fun!!!

And now I want mac and cheese. :)

Cara said...

I love those tights!

Good luck at trivia tonight - we've been invited out to dinner so unless that ends earlier than anticipated, I won't be make it out!

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Yay for: 1) Martha Wainwright, 2) Mac 'n Cheese, 3) Sassy women in glasses, and 4) Measuring cup belts

Boo for: Constantly teasing me with the great pieces you get from Ricki's and Joe Fresh. I have no access to the awesome!

Allison said...

Don't you love Joe Fresh!? It makes grocery shopping so much fun. Katie, I think you would love Ricki's. I think they do online shipping....
I made Cod au Gratin last night. Which is like mac and cheese but with cod instead of mac. It's a Newfoundland thing.

Bella said...

Oh are those tights fun! And that dress is exactly what I need in my closet! I would live in that dress! It looks so chic and comfortable at the same time and I didn't know that combination was even possible! :)

DaniellaBella said...

Thanks guys! The dress, like all Joe Fresh things I buy, is cottony and comfy. And super cheap. I mean it was $16, or maybe $20... I love Joe! I will go "grocery" shopping way more often than I really need to!

Kirstin Marie said...

Those tights are so much fun!! This is a cute outfit, that dress looks amazing on you. You always have such fun outfits! I love reading your blog. I'm glad we've become blogger friends :)

Kirstin Marie

monster cakes said...

Ah! These tights are even better! Love your style girl.