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jan 7 2010

Friday nights aways consist of going over to my parents house. Everyone was there last night: aunt, uncle, family friends, sister and cousin and their others! We've been getting together ever since I was little. I can remember being 5 years old and calling my auntie and uncle to come over on a Friday. Everyone sits around the island in the kitchen eating food and talking about the week. Anyone can show up or not! Even in our teenage years we would always come to Friday night and then go out with friends. Last night ended with everyone (even my dad!) dancing to Just Dance for Wii... I love my family!
top and skirt: Ricki's
cardi: Smart Set
leggings and scarf: Joe Fresh
earrings: local artist at Folk Festival
glasses: Prada
shoes: Madison by Penny loves Kenny

In other news, remember when my car was stolen at the beginning of November? I've been mooching rides off everyone. I've been tricking the Gentleman into going on a date and "stopping by" the grocery store.
Yesterday my dad and uncle brought a car to my work for me to see! And it's great! Most importantly it's the best colour EVER! I can now get groceries in the middle of the night! Nothing would be open... but I could do it!!! Introducing Miss Peacock!

ps please don't steal it!


Allison said…
Well first of all, your family sounds super fun!
I really like what you're wearing and that car rocks! I've been lusting after a station wagon for ages. I think they're awesome!
Bella said…
Ah you lucky girl to have such a family! I can relate but mine's just a little bit crazy! Good crazy though! Ms. Peacock, you stunner, you! Oh, and have I mentioned I love your outfit! Love the bright pink scarf--it adds a special touch!
Melissa said…
Your "ps please don't steal it" made me giggle. :) I'm so sorry your car got stolen but this one is great!

Friday nights sound fabulous. I might want to start that when my daughter is older!
geetabix said…
Hurray for new car!
Been looking through your outfits and I really like how you can pose so well. Your outfits have bright pops of colour and they make me happy!
Matt said…
I love your outfit! The colors rock and the shoes are fabulous! And what an awesome family event to have! That's so awesome and neat! Haha, that's too funny about tricking the Gentleman into going on a date with pitstop by the grocery store!! Hehe. And yay for a new car! That's AWESOME! :)

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