And then we begin again

Today I met my sister for dinner after work at a lovely roof top terrace. They have the most AMAZING Lobster Cheese and Broccoli dip. Sweet mercy.
aug 3 2011

Then I went for a bicycle ride around the lake. As I was riding a sportsy car with loud music drove by and a douchey dude stuck his head out and yelled something. Due to the malice in his voice I couldn't make it out but I'm choosing to believe that it was "Nice bike, pretty lady!" rather than "BLEEPITY BLEEEEEEP!"
blazer, dress, leggings: Ricki's
necklace: art fair
shoes: Camper
big flare: not looking at photos after taking them

Today I am thankful for my sister. When we were young we didn't get along. Mostly because she wanted to play and I wanted to read. But now I'm so happy that we have each other! I love you GillyBean!


Allison said…
You had me at lobster.
And of course the young man would have been yelling nice bike pretty lady! :)
Style Journey said…
Such a pretty dress! The blue is very flattering :)

Glad you had a good time with your sister. My sister and I didn't get along either, but I am thankful for her now that we are older!

Melissa said…
I'm pretty sure the only thing anyone would have to say to you is "Nice bike, pretty lady!" :)

You do look adorable, I love that blue on you and those flats are perfect!

So glad you had a good time with your sister!
laura said…
I took a moment to imagine the glory that is lobster and broccoli dip. mmmm.

nice dress, lady! I love the color :)
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
Anonymous said…
Beautiful, I love the color, cut and style of your dress. It looks perfect on you! You always do such cool poses!!
Bella said…
You look splendid in this shade of blue! I love the look of flats with this outfit. There's nothing like quality sister time. I wish mine didn't live on another continent! :(
Cara said…
I love their artichoke dip... I want to try the lobster but the seafood allergy prevents me!

I love the blue

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