You hit me with lightning

This weekend went by so fast. Most of it was spent giggling with the Gentleman Caller.
aug 29 2011

Yup, a lot of giggling! Which, by the way, is possibly the best way to spend a weekend.

cardigan & shorts: Ricki's 
top: Joe Fresh
shoes: Camper
bracelets: from a Ukrainian festival
necklace: gift, from Ireland
sheets: I don't like using dryers... 

Today I am thankful for clean sheets. Especially ones that have the smell of the wind and sun on them. Isn't it just the most glorious feeling to sleep on new sheets?? Swoon. 

Title: Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding


Style Journey said…
That's great you and the Gentleman Caller can giggle! And yes for clean sheets. That's the best feeling!
laura said…
Hee hee! Giggling is so much fun! :) I spend days just giggling on and on and on! And yes, I agree, clean sheets are the bees' knees! I feel gloriously amazing when sleeping on clean sheets!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
Cara said…
You don't dry anything? Not even in winter? Sometimes I just throw a couple towels in the dryer and then snuggle up in them! Yes, probably not the most environmentally friendly thing to do, but it's like a hug for my heart!

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