This weekend wore me out. I'm still recovering. On Monday and Tuesday I was in CPR training and wore nothing that was photo worthy. Also I was too tired when I got home and promptly fell asleep on the couch.
aug 17 2011

Directly after this photo I vacuumed my car and took it for a car wash. You see, I'm trying to sell it as I cannot take it in my backpack to Australia.

dress: H&M
skirt & cardigan: Ricki's
shoes: Red or Dead "Maxa" from ebay
necklace: art fair
earrings: gift

If you know anyone who lives near the Canadian prairies and who wants a car that is a beautiful colour (oh yeah, and it runs well too!) I'd be most appreciative if you sent them my way!

Today I am thankful that it is almost the weekend and that I have nothing planned. I'd like to have time to read my book and clean my house and dance around my apartment by myself...


Style Journey said…
No, I don't think you can fit that car into your backpack, lol! I wish I lived close by, that would be a perfect car for Kayla.

Your octopus necklace is so cute!

Tia said…
I'm loving the way your shoes match that top. So cute! I definitely need to get my hands on some sweet MJ pumps like these.

Also, your car looks like my old car, but not as old or beat up! Good luck selling it!
geetabix said…
Your shoes match your car! Awesome!
Anonymous said…
I wish I lived near the Canadian prairies because that car is SUPER cool. Love the color too!!

Cute dress and fabulous shoes. They match your car!! :)

ps. Congrats on the move to Australia and can I come? he he
Bella said…
Lady, you have the most amazing shoe collection! I could happily shop for shoes in your closet! The color on these beauties is gorgeous! And you're right--the car color is just as awesome!
Cara said…
That is a fabulous colour! I was lusting after it for so long, I had to go outside and apologize to my car (if it doesn't get lots of love, it dies on me!)
laura said…
Oh man, if I lived close by, I'd love to have a look at your car!

Love this outfit! :) Red and blue dress? Yes, please. I've never seen a pattern like that before! And your shoes are just marvelous!
♥ laura

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