You swore you'd wait

Best weekend ever!
On Friday I went for drinks with a fabulous ladyfriend. Then a bunch of friends watched what turned out to be a dismal football game. I actually fell asleep, waking just in time for our 1 touchdown.

aug 4 2011

The Gentleman Caller didn't have to work on Saturday which pretty much never happens. We treated outselves to the very best cinnamon buns in town (they are only made twice a week!) and a wander around the farmer's market. The annual Folk Festival was on this weekend. The organizers have made it so that the daytime events are all free. Fantastic music, art market, and food vendors. Such a lovely way to spend a day in the park.
On Sunday we were lucky enough to get free tickets to the Exhibition Fair. I mostly like to walk around to watch all the people and eat some mini-donuts. Absolutely brilliant!

dress: Smart Set
scarf: Portobello Road Market, London
shoes: Irregular Choice
shoe clips: Grandmother's earrings

Close up on shoes and earring shoe clips

Today I am thankful for unexpectedly wonderful weekends. What a treat!


Tia said…
I love the idea of using earrings as shoe clips! Super cute! And that scarf is utterly fab.
geetabix said…
Mini donuts are sometimes the most memorable part of stuff like the Ex for me :)
Style Journey said…
Love shoe clips! I also like how you brightened up your little black dress with this fun scarf!

Style Journey said…
Oh yeah, and donuts make me happy! And cinnamon buns!

Melissa said…
That sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend!

You look beautiful. I think this would be super adorable if you belted over the scarf, too. :)
laura said…
Sounds like a fun time, lady! especially with special cinnamon buns! i mean, if they're only made twice a week, they must be REALLY special!

Love the shoe clips!
♥ laura

the blog of worldly delights
LyddieGal said…
That definitely sounds like a great weekend. I love it when there are free local events that you can enjoy in the summer. so wonderful.

Chic on the Cheap
Anonymous said…
I've use my G-mom clip on earrings as shoe clips before and now I don't feel alone. Once again accessories

Now your wearing another scarf I want and a lovely black dress. Plus you had a cinnamon bun! JEALOUS! :)

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