Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Right into the heart of it

Today was spent talking with my co-worker who is a naturally good saleswoman about selling my car.
aug 18 2011

We spent the time at work (when we weren't very very busy) making posters and writing internet ads. We did this for my car and the Gentleman's car. Then my boss also wanted to get in on the action, so we made posters for her car as well.
I wanted to be super comfy today and this dress is pretty much like wearing jammies..

dress: Suzy Shier
blazer: Ricki's
belt: from Bettie Page dress
necklace: art fair
shoes: Teva

Today I am thankful for people who want to help others, out of the kindness of their hearts, even when there is nothing in it for them...



Cara said...

My heart jumped to my throat when I read: "Then my boss" as I was certain something was going to go horribly wrong! Phew! After my car appointment yesterday, I seriously contemplated buying the car, but crossing the border back to Manitoba with it would result in ewwwy gooey taxes

geetabix said...

I'm a dork - I thought about buying the car too - I don't even know what make or model it is but it's a station wagon and a great shade of blue. But all my Saskatchewan friends have had issues bringing their cars to Alberta for some reason.

People who genuinely want to help others are definitely amazing.

Style Journey said...

That is so cool your boss got in on the action too! I love cool bosses!

I remember you wearing this dress before, and I just love it!


Allison said...

Cool bosses are cool ;)
Love the purple and red/pink combo here! You must be getting excited for the big adventure!

laura said...

This purple dress is lovely on you! I really like the neckline/deets!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Bella said...

Danielle, I love how this color looks on you! The dress drapes beautifully and you look fantastic in it! Yay for the kindness of people!

Mrs. J said...

It's great that you have people around who want to help!! Hopefully you'll have a buyer for your car soon.

BTW, Lovely outfit, purple and red is one of my top favorite color combinations.

Tia said...

I'm glad you've got support dealing with the car selling and all!

I'm still afraid of maxi dresses as a very petite lady, but you make them look so elegant and refined all the time! Maybe I'll look for one the next time I go thrifting.

Vanessa said...

I like the orange/cognac accent in the belt. It looks great against the purple. And the way you knotted up the dress is really darling!

LyddieGal said...

Good luck selling your car!
I'm looking to buy one right now, too bad you dont live near me, haha.

Chic on the Cheap

chiara said...

The color of this dress is stunning and in looks great on you. I like the touch of the bright belt.
And it's nice when people surprise you with kindness, isn't it?