You're the reoccurring kind

The girls that I work with are celebrating Ramadan. They are fasting (not even any water!) from sun up to sun down. That is a really long day, especially in the summer months. And we talk about food a lot. I don't want to make it more difficult for them so I'm hiding my iced tea behind my computer monitor.
july 30 2011

I wore this out to a sushi dancing birthday party. Sadly the sushi was all you could eat and more food was ordered by some than should be consumed in one sitting. I got what I wanted and also got to try the leftovers too. Then we went out dancing which was fantastic. There weren't many people on the normally crowded d-floor, or pushing up to the normally crowded bar. We think that maybe there was rumours of the po-po busting them for being over capacity so they were extra careful about how many people they let in. Which meant that I could shake my bum with reckless abandon.

blazer & sparkly disco dress: Ricki's
over dress: bathing suit cover up, Walmart
pin to show more glamour: made by me
necklace: shop in Madrid
leggings: Target
shoes: Spring
earrings: gift

Today I'm thankful for this little dress. I bought it for a Christmas party and was afraid I might wear it once. Luckily remixing inspiration has hit more than once and I can wear this dress nearly everywhere!


Wow! You are so cute. I love this outfit. I am no good at putting together going out clothing and this is my new inspiration.
geetabix said…
LOVE the party outfit! The pops of pink and red make it extra awesome.
Chelsea said…
okay, seriously? hot damn! you look smokin' my dear... and you're a genius. I love the overlay of the swimsuit coverup (I can't believe it!) over the sparklies with the all important bling pin. gorgeous!
laura said…
Beautiful dress!!! I love that you've paired it with tights and those shoes! I want those shoes!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
Cara said…
I love that you specified "Iced" tea, I've had about 4 conversation in the last couple weeks about the difference between ice tea and iced tea, and how I'm not a loser for emphasizing the "D" when I say it!

And you are making that sparkly dress seem really versatile. I still don't have the guts, but I'm no longer thinking that it's a crazy idea!
Bella said…
Lady, is there ever a day when you don't look pulled together? I love how you've styled this dress with these tights! You look smashing! Ramadan. Just today, some of my son's acquaintances, both of who work in a restaurant, said how hard it is to work around food all day. I think I could make it without food but water? I dont' think so.
Kirstin Marie said…
I love how you layered that dress, it looks amazing! The subtle sparkly through the sheer tank is lovely!
Vanessa said…
Love all your sparkly accents and the layers. It really adds interest to a mostly black outfit!

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