Today went on forever. Monday is a holiday so the build up to the long weekend was a rough one!

july 29 2011

After work I went for patio drinks with the Gentleman Caller and his friends. Then we wandered over to a dodgy arcade to play air hockey, pin ball and DDR. Brilliant night.

dress & blazer: Ricki's
necklace: tiny shop in tiny English village
sash: Le Chateau
Watch: gift, art fair
shoes: Hard Hearted Harlot, England 2006

Today I am thankful that we are able to run around our city, having fun like children and still being adults who can have a glass of wine on a patio!


Tia said…
I'm such a fan of red with black and white polka dots. It's just so snappy.
Style Journey said…
I so wish I had your dress! It is absolutely fabulous. The red sash is perfect with this outfit :)

Kirstin Marie said…
Ooo, look at you! You look like a gorgeous pin up!! Loving this!!
Chelsea said…
ooooh the black/white/red combo is fabulous! fantastic ensemble my dear.

and I love the combo of kid activities followed by drinking. sounds divine!
Melissa said…
You look GORGEOUS. I love this black/white/red combo on you.
Megan Mae said…
Those are fabulous shoes. You look lovely! Arcades are so much fun!

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