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I'm behind on posts... Which is kind of a relief because then I always have something in the wings.
The family went to Red Lobster for my sister's birthday dinner. She turned 25 and since she's younger than me, that makes me old... er.
aug 25 2011

The biscuits at that restaurant are something else, aren't they? I mean just fantastic. Especially since I've been off the bread for a while so it was like a gigantic treat!

dress & cardi: Ricki's
shoes: Anne Michelle
bracelet: gift
necklace: art fair

I also wanted to include a photo of my hair. Did you  know that it's difficult to hold a camera and take a picture of the back of ones head? 

Today I'm thankful for small traditions like going out for dinner as a family at the birthday person's restaurant of choice... as long as Dad doesn't pick KFC!


Style Journey said…
Love your hair, love your outfit, and love Red Lobster! I haven't been there in years. Need to go get some biscuits now :)

laura said…
Your hair looks adorable! I can't wait to get my hair long enough to do milkmaid braids!

Would you believe i've never been to Red Lobster? I keep on hearing about the biscuits, but don't know what they're all about!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
geetabix said…
Love the RL cheese buns. Once for my mom's birthday we just got her a big bag of those.

Great pink dress!
Melissa said…
You are STUNNING, my dear. Stunning. I love that dress, it's similar to the one I posted last week. Great minds think alike, right? :)
Bella said…
Danielle, what a beautifully classy look this is! You look fantastic! OMG, I read Red Lobster biscuits and I almost cried! I haven't had one in years! Gosh, I miss 'em! :) Your hair looks sensational, by the way!

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