Checking the accounts

I wanted to wear my cartoon villain shoes. I didn't fully think it through though as we had 28 appointments today to that generally means that  I'm running around like a crazy person.
aug 10 2011

I only lasted until 2pm, which was lunch time for me. That's when the power went out. When I came back from lunch the power was on but the internet and the air conditioning wasn't working. And there was a very cute but very crying baby who seemed to misplace her parents...

jeans & blazer: Ricki's
top: Joe Fresh
earrings: Moonstone, from Santa Claus
necklace: made by me
cartoon villain shoes: Jeff Silverman, designed by me

Today I am thankful for my coworkers who have lovely, adorable children and who also know something about anything about children. 


Style Journey said…
You look fantastic and those shoes are A-DORABLE!!!

Cara said…
Eeek! I'll assume the baby eventually found where s/he put her/his parents!

I love how you work jeans for work purposes! And it's always so sad when awesome shoes can't last the whole day! (On the other hand - I love that I'm not working full days so I can wear some of my less comfy shoes!)
Tia said…
Wait, those shoes were /designed/ by you? That's so fabulous. I'm so envious of them.
laura said…
Love your "cartoon villain" shoes. Maleficent, much? They are gorgeous!
♥ laura

the blog of worldly delights
Oh I LOVE those shoes, and what a great name, "cartoon villain", I love that. I wish I could see that necklace a little better because I love hte sparkle coming from it.

geetabix said…
Aw, I read your Twitter about the dad who wouldn't take care of the baby. Good thing you had the cartoon villain shoes on!

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