Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Friday. This week dragged on. I think it was because I had a super busy weekend and then did CPR training for 2 days... I was so happy to wake up to a Friday morning.

aug 19 2011

This weekend the Gentleman Caller and I plan on having a Mission Impossible movie marathon! Seems like the perfect relaxing weekend plan to me!
In the group of photos... really only one was acceptable for public consumption. But I was too tired to take more. So here we are.

Everything: Ricki's
shoes: Melissa from Gravity Pope

Today I am thankful for the ability to have fun in nearly every situation. I'm off the alcohol and sugar and various other things at the moment but I still had an excellent time at 3 drinks with friends this week. All the while enjoying my soda water and limes...



Cara said...

Soda and lime! I forgot I loved that! It was my bar drink when I thought I was allergic to everything!
I love the floral dress... and the fact the entire outfit is Ricki's. If it wasn't for Value Village, my entire wardrobe would likely be Ricki's and Smart Set!

laura said...

i really love that rose dress/tunic :) And movie marathons are GRRRReat! I still have to see the first Mission Impossible (what can I say, I'm not much of a Tom Cruise kinda gal)but one day I will!
♥ laura

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Tia said...

This dress is utterly fabulous. I love the draped neck and the pattern!

Melissa said...

Soda water and lime can be refreshing! And then you get to stay sober and laugh at all the drunk people. :)

You look absolutely beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful time. :)

Chelsea said...

Oooh love the skirt layering. I must try this! You look smashing... and yay for knowing how to have fun booze-free! Though, I mean, booze if fun too :)

Have I mentioned how I adore your neutral ensembles because of how they highlight your pink streak? Lovely.

Franca said...

great layering!