Make me a map of where you want to be

In light of an upcoming journey I've been meaning to do this craft for some time.

I traced the path we took in 2007 during 4 months of travelling. I travelled with my Australian friend Ollie, who the Gentleman and I will be staying with when we get to Melbourne.

I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out, as I have few sewing skills. Even if it's just embroidery on paper.

Today I'm thankful for the last little bit of super hot weather before autumn sets in.


Cara said…
I love how the countries are outlined in a bolder colour in that map! And your needlework! Good idea!
that is so cool! i love maps as decorations - they're so pretty!

also, i feel like a tool for asking, but is your move to Australia permanent? i looked all the back through your July posts like a stalker trying to put the story together but couldnt find anything, haha. im so jealous and want to know the story!!! sounds exciting :)
Anonymous said…
Very cool! I suddenly feel like I've never been anywhere, having traveled only in the Western United States and a couple of places in Mexico!

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