Seven ways to sparkle

I was going to do a real post today. Then I realized that my plan was to seriously clean my place and start packing up things that I absolutely won't need in the next month. And when you dust as often as I do... well, let's just say that it's a messy proposition.


So instead here is an inspirational retrospective of how to wear a sparkly mini-dress. When I bought it I thought that I would only be able to wear it to one holiday party and then it would hang in my closet like a piece of forgotten art. To my surprise and excitement I've been able to wear it a few times.

Today I am thankful for EDOs. It's wonderful to have every second Monday off to get things done and have a bit of time to myself. 


Style Journey said…
So cool! Who would have thought a sparkly dress like this could be so versatile? I can't decide which look I like the best!

LyddieGal said…
Wow, I'm totally impressed by how much use you've gotten from the sequined mini!
I bought one last summer for $10 and you know how many times I've worn it? Zero.

Chic on the Cheap
Allison said…
Who'd have thought a sparkle mini dress would be so versatile?! I love this collection of looks :) Have you ever worn it with a denim jacket? That's pretty much my answer to everything.
laura said…
You sparkle, girl! I love this! I usually stay away from super flashy clothes because I think I won't wear them that often, but you are a load of inspiration, Danielle!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
Anonymous said…
Awesome! You've really found some amazing ways to wear that dress! I have a tee with a sparkly neckline, and I think I've managed to wear it once - under a jacket.

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