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Here's a piece of advice. And it's a good one. If you go to an outdoor wedding do not wear heels. Unless you are also doing double duty as a lawn aerator...

aug 14 2011

The Gentleman Caller and I raced back (ok I came back earlier cause I wasn't feeling well) from volunteering and went straight to a wedding. It was out in the country, about an hour and a half away so we only made it to the reception. The groom is a friend who the Gentleman went to film school with. It was so good to see all the filmies and make outrageous wedding madlibs with them! We danced and jigged the night away and then sleepily drove home.

You're probably thinking that it appears as though I have 2 beers in my hands.... WAIT! LOOK OVER THERE!

Today I am thankful for the prairie land that I grew up on. To some it may seem like a lot of nothing but to those of us who know about the way the wind moves the wheat and the size of the sky and the magnificence of the sunsets, it feels like home. 


Cara said…
It's not two beer that you're drinking... you're just practicing safe photography! The Gentleman shouldn't be drinking and clicking at the same time! You're probably just holding his beer, too!
There are apparently little cup type things to put on the bottom of heels to prevent the heel "sink". I certainly have done my fair share of aerating, but can't seem to track them down.
I like the feeling of sinking down into the lawn - it's just the getting back out that's awkward.

Also, you wore an octopus necklace to a wedding. :)
Tia said…
Oooh, I'm digging the overgarment(poncho?) hardcore. It's so shiny!

Also, those tights are the bomb.
Style Journey said…
The tights are AWESOME!!

I know exactly what you mean about the heels in the grass. For my grandmother's funeral at the cemetery my heels kept sinking. It was quite awkward during the ceremony.

Melissa said…
Only two beers? :) I hope you had a great time!
laura said…
Drinking in moderation=one beer for each hand. Right? :)

I agree with no heels on grass. I had an outdoor wedding and good gosh, I wish I didn't wear heels -_-
♥ laura

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