Tip up my top

I've had this top for ages. I bought it from a tiny shop in a tiny village on the English coast. I rarely wear it because it is just so pretty.
july 28 2011

Today I also re-discovered that it is also very boobala-y. I had to make sure the modesty scarf was well draped all day at work. I think I fooled them all but it was hot...

cardigan: Ricki's
top: Noa Noa
jeans: Smart Set
scarf: Joe Fresh
shoes: Fly London

Today I am thankful for summer weather and not always being in AC. I like to know what season I'm in...


Style Journey said…
Ha! That's funny - boobala-y! Never heard that one before.

The color of top paired with the scarf looks quite nice together :)
I hate those surprising boobalicious shirts. There you are, going about your day, and suddenly you look down and it's all "Hello, sailors!"

But that shirt IS gorgeous and you look smashing in those jeans.
LyddieGal said…
Haha, I've become so self-conscious about tops like that - sometimes i just wish I had tiny boobs and never had to worry!

Totally love the color of the top though, so pretty!

Chic on the Cheap
laura said…
I'm the same way with a lot of my clothes. I find that if they're too pretty, i don't want to wear them too much, or else I'll wear out their prettiness. :)

Lovely top!

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