Thursday, August 25, 2011

FBFF: Favourites

Today is Visual FBFF sponsored by Ashley Getting Dressed. We're doing an upclose and personal look at a favorite clothing item.

I chose my favourite shoes from Hard Hearted Harlot. I bought these in 2006 in Norwich, England. I had been working as a waitress in a tiny pub where no one had even heard of high heels. It was an isolated village for those of us who didn't drive. We had nothing to spend our money on but chocolate from the tuck shop and dinner from the only other pub. When I left that summer I went to visit a friend in the big city. She promptly convinced me to purchase these shoes. I loved them so much that, when I got back to Canada, I watched ebay for another pair. I finally found them in black but got so excited that I neglected to check the size. The black ones are a bit too small but still amazing!

I love the detail of the little eyeglasses charm and the leather that wraps around the heel:

I also love the stitching on the toe and the overlapping leather:

I also chose this amazing belt that I got in Ireland in 2006. My friends and I were on a train tour and there were Avoca shops all over. In one of them I found the most beautiful teal coat. It was the best and most perfect piece of fabric art I'd ever seen. I didn't buy it and spent the rest of the trip looking in every shop there was. Finally at an Avoca near Bunratty Castle. (holy! While trying to figure out where this was I found that the shop had a huge fire and was destroyed in 2007!) I found the coat in my size! It was fate! But I forgot my wallet on the bus. My friend offered to lend me the money but she didn't have enough. Her boyfriend had cash but he was lost wandering around the castle. I knew that I had to buy something or I would regret it. I bought this amazing sash/belt. (At least I'm pretty sure this is how the story went. Amara, correct me?)
It's made of out the most beautiful collection of materials:

Even the back is pretty:



Style Journey said...

How fun! The shoes are awesome, especially with the little eyeglasses and you can never go wrong with a pair of red shoes! The belt/sash is also beautful! I love the story and how you acquired it :)


Kirstin Marie said...

Those shoes with the little classes are so awesome! I love the stitching on them.

laura said...

Those shoes are beauties. I mean, red leather? with heels? AND a sweet charm? it's like triple awesomeness!!!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Candy said...

The shoes are bad ass! I hate when I don't buy something that I fall in love with traveling. I end up obsessing over it, not a good thing.

Alex Elizabeth said...

I love Avoca! I periodically check the website in order to torture myself with calculations of potential import fees... should have bought more things when I was in Ireland! I have a scarf and a few pairs of knee high socks to wear with boots.

Dress Me Polly said...

Ooooh, those shoes are amazing! Unique. Love the charm. You must feel so special when you wear them.

Kimberlee said...

Aw I love the little charm on the heel - so cute!

Sarah said...

Those shoes are really neat! They are totally unique and I can imagine them styled multiple ways. (:

Bella said...

Danielle, these are the first pair of shoes I've seen with a little charm, and they are amazing! I can see why you love them so much! The stitching is such a great detail!

Amara said...

That story sounds familiar. Although I think you ended up buying the belt in the Dublin store actually. Also, I can't even picture what the coat looks like anymore. Can you believe that was 5 years ago?!?